My intention is to help you connect with your inner wisdom - a wisdom that has the ability to heal anything in your life!


Embark on your spiritual journey

Everything I do is aimed to help you make the journey from fear to love, and I do this by helping you to shift your focus from negativity to positivity, from doubt to trust, so you can let Spirit show you all the possibilities that are available to you, enabling you to start walking your Highest Path.


My journey

I know from first-hand experience that it is indeed possible to heal deep inner wounds. I grew up in a dysfunctional family, as my father was an alcoholic and brain damaged from a car accident. I left my native Sweden when I was 18 and started travelling, initially to Israel and Egypt, and later to Asia, where I spent 5 years backpacking. When I returned to Europe in 1992, I found myself living alone in London, having just experienced a bad relationship break-up. All my inner wounds from my childhood started to surface and I fell into a deep depression. This darkness ended when I had a dream where I saw myself hanging from the ceiling. As I woke up, I knew I had to change, so I prayed to Spirit for help. And Spirit answered.

This was the beginning of my own spiritual awakening and I was guided to various meditations and books that helped me change my thought patterns (such as Love is the Answer by Gerald Jampolsky, The Power is Within You by Louise Hay, Creative Visualisation by Shakti Gawain, and A Course in Miracles). Six weeks later the depression was totally gone as I had connected with my soul in such a deep way that my life would forever be transformed. This is when I started to follow my soul’s guidance - a guidance that led me to train in various healing modalities so that I could help others discover that they too have the power to heal themselves - especially when they let Spirit guide them.


Today I am happily married, with two beautiful daughters, and two pets – Bella, a mad, hyperactive, happy-go-lucky, loving cocker-spaniel with very selective hearing (my husband feels Bella and I have more than a few traits in common), and Rosie, a blue-eyed Ragdoll mix, who does not seem to have quite realised yet that she is a cat….

Machu Picchu in Peru

Machu Picchu in Peru

I’m so grateful that I started listening to Spirit from that moment when I first prayed, back in 1992. The life Spirit has led me to is so much more than I could ever have dreamt of. These days I don’t travel as much as I used to do when I was younger (although I recently went to Machu Picchu and Rainbow Mountain in Peru), but instead I journey into the invisible world of Spirit - in meditation, in my shamanic work, when I hold courses and retreats, but also by regularly visiting mystical power places, where the veil between this world and the Spirit world is thinner, such as Chalice Well Gardens and the Tor in Glastonbury (picture below).


My passion to be of service has led me to:

  • Be the founder of two spiritual wellbeing magazines, one in Sweden called Inspire and one in the UK called Inspired Wellbeing. Inspire is available in newsagents throughout Sweden, and also in Norway and Finland. Inspired Wellbeing is a free digital magazine, shared worldwide. For you free copy of the latest issue, click here.

  • Teach others how to become Soul Coaches, Practitioners in Energy Medicine and Master Trainers in Mysticism, Energy Medicine & Shamanic Healing. This training also includes clinical training, drawing on my experience as an osteopath, and NLP Healing Linguistics.

  • Run several wellbeing clinics (Osteopathy, Coaching, Shamanic Healing & Energy Medicine).

  • Set up Soul Tribe, an online community where you can listen to guided meditations and soul nourishing talks, read inspiring articles and listen to interviews with today’s leading spiritual teachers.

  • Write books such as Transformational NLP, Spiritual Medicine, Supercharge Your Dreams Into Being and The Wellbeing Handbook.

  • Create online trainings, such as Become Your Own Mystic, Healer & Shaman, and Let Spirit Lead In Business.

  • Regularly give away free guided meditations to my community.

  • The podcast Let Spirit Lead launches on the full moon 19th April. This podcast will help you connect with your inner wisdom so you can let Spirit lead, and will feature guided meditations, inspirational talks and interviews with the world’s leading spiritual teachers.

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About me

I’ve immersed myself in the study of the body, mind and spirit since 1992 when I became a student of A Course in Miracles. Since I wanted to get a solid foundation in health and wellbeing, I started studying Osteopathic Medicine and Naturopathy at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London in 1993 (a four year full-time university training). I later specialised in cranial osteopathy, and then continued my studies into NLP, hypnosis, mysticism, the Divine Feminine, shamanic energy medicine (from the Inkas, Nordic, Celtic and Avalon and other ancient wisdom tradition), and various forms of energy healing. I’ve been working with patients and clients since 1997 and have worked in a busy orthopaedic clinic in Milton Keynes, a GP surgery in Buckingham, and in several complementary clinics in Oxfordshire, as well as in Stockholm. I’ve been teaching courses and trainings since 2005.