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Would you like to tap into a magical universe?

Then why not embark on a healing journey that deepens your mystical connection with Spirit - and with the Universe - whilst developing your own energy medicine and spiritual wisdom.

This online training will show you how you can journey into the invisible world of Spirit, so you can meet your Spirit Team, your ancestors, and various Divine Feminine Archetypes (you’ll be meeting Isis, Kali, Hel, the Black Madonna, Hecate, Mary Magdalene and many more). This is so you can start to build up your own personal relationship with them so they can guide you on your healing journey.

This course is for your own spiritual development. If you want to learn how to also work with this, then have a look at our Energy Medicine Practitioner and Soul Coach Training here.

Below is a guided meditation where you get to connect with your inner mystic, healer and shaman


My life and spiritual journey have been completely transformed by this training. Having been on the spiritual path my entire life I have completed MANY courses and trainings both formally in an academic forum and as part of my personal development. This training has allowed me to access healing at a much deeper level, clear stagnant energy from my body and start to take action within my life and relationships to live in alignment with truth and love. The impact has been amazing. My relationship with my Soul is now deeply nourishing and as I develop my capacity to connect directly with Spirit and the Divine I am starting to thrive and finally be of service to humanity at the level and capacity I was destined to do.
— Kay Turner, retreat facilitator, wellbeing coach, theologican and teacher
A fantastic training where I have been able to meet myself at a deeper level, and been given the opportunity to let go of old negative patterns so I can blossom into the soul and person that I am. Cissi has a remarkable ability to discover the true causes behind a problem so that we can experience that, and once we have found the true reason she guides all the students through powerful and transformative healing processes. If you want to
live in alignment with who you truly are, let go of what is holding you back, and experience life as who you truly are – then I can warmly recommend you embark on this lovely training
— Lina Lanestrand, Social Scientist, Nutritionist, NLP Master Practitioner and Transformational Break-Through Coach
This course is the exploration of dark and light using different healing techniques to help connect to your soul, be guided by your own spiritual intelligence and by higher divine guidance in whatever way that means for you. It is an opportunity to nurture yourself, to heal emotionally, energetically and spiritually. It also allows you to tap into that ‘something else’ you might feel is there but have not yet fully embraced.
— Emma Colwill, Cheltenham

This course is now full

Another intake will take place in late autumn. To put your name on the waiting list, so you receive information as soon as the course opens again, just click here.