• Are you longing to experience more peace, happiness, fulfilment and love, so you can live in alignment with who you truly are?

  • Do you want to find the courage to let go of your plan of what your life should be like, so you instead can allow Spirit to guide you to the Divine Plan that exists for your life - a plan that allows you to be all that you are meant to be, so you can be of service to the world, in a way that is for the highest good of everyone?

  • Are you willing to shift your perceptions, so you can let go of judgment, guilt, fear and worries, and instead let a Higher Power guide your thoughts back to peace, joy, love, compassion and inspired action that is in alignment with the Divine Will?

  • Are you ready to embark on a journey of deep healing, where you undertake an intense spiritual detox programme, which heals your inner wounds, releases you from the chains of the past, so you can be free to shine your light and co-create together with Spirit a new world into being - a world where you help to uplift our collective consciousness?

  • And are you ready to shine your light, so you can be part of the solution that our world is facing right now, instead of part of the problem?

What will you choose?

We are at a cross-road in our human history, where we are faced with a stark choice: Will we choose love or fear? Will we focus on what’s in it for ME, or what’s the highest good for ALL? Will we feed the darkness or help to heal our world by shining our light?

As we make the choice for love, we start to heal how fear has kept us trapped in a dark world, where we forgot that we are the LIGHT, and that we are meant to shine this light. This light is the SAME in each and everyone of us, and it has the power to heal and transform the current crisis we are in right now. There is a Divine Plan, and it knows the place you are meant to take, and how you are meant to shine your light, in your own unique way, and as you tune into Spirit’s Voice, allowing it to guide you, then you will be led, step-by-step to the unfoldment of this Higher Plan for your life - and as you start to follow this guidance you will automatically help to uplift the world we live in.

So are you ready to start following Spirit’s lead, so you can say YES to life, YES to miracles, YES to focusing on the light, and YES to stepping into your soul’s calling?

If the answer is YES, then my new online training Say YES to Miracles is for you!

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Connect with your inner light

Say YES to Miracles is is an intense spiritual detox that will help you heal deep-seated fear-based beliefs, so you can connect with your inner light. This healing releases you from the bondages of your past, and frees you to step into the Divine creative power that exists within you, so you can co-create with Spirit a new life into being - a life filled with happiness, love, peace, fulfilment, enthusiasm, creativity, fun, compassion and expansion.

The training is based on the principles from A Course in Miracles, weaved together with ancient wisdom traditions embracing the Divine Feminine, so it blends the masculine and the feminine, the earthly and the heavenly, as this blending helps you to align your body, mind, soul and spirit.

A Course in Miracles is like a spiritual psychology training for your mind, so your mind becomes a servant to your divine self, allowing you to perceive through your spiritual eyes, rather than through your physical eyes, so you can see what is good and right and beautiful, instead of focusing on what is wrong and bad and difficult. And as you make this shift in perception you free yourself from the dark world the ego-mind has created, and instead you step into a light-filled world, where your mind becomes open to the positive learnings and inspired solutions needed for you to create more love and happiness in your life - and in our world.


If you want to understand the wisdom found in A Course in Miracles, in a clear and easy-to-understand way, and in a way that embraces the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, so you can connect with a Higher Power that literally will transform your life, then Say YES to Miracles is for you.

The lectures, guided meditations and weekly lessons will move you through a deeply healing mental spiritual detox that will help to shift your perceptions from fear to love, from doubt to trust, from feeling stuck to being free to co-create an amazing life - a life where you are being led by Spirit, so you can manifest all those dreams and visions the Universe has planned for you. A life filled with joy, and ease, and love and expansion. A life where you step into alignment with the same Divine Intelligence that holds our whole Universe together - and as you step into this alignment you invite miracles to flow into your experience - miracles of amazing opportunities, positive solutions, deep healing and incredible synchronicities.

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Say YES to Miracles is not a quick-fix. It is not something you do in a week. Instead it is a spiritual detox programme that will support you over 13 moon cycles - where every 28 days you’ll be given more lectures (audio, video and in a written format), guided meditations and weekly lessons. You’ll have life-time access to all the material so you can take as long as you want. You also get to ask me any questions you have which I then will answer you in your regular Q and A Group Calls, and you’ll also receive two free 15-minute private calls with me so I can help you personally.

Some of the podcast episodes on Let Spirit Lead have featured snippets from Say YES to Miracles, and you can find a selection of them below. You also find two short extracts that are directly taken from the lectures (not available on the podcast)- one is a personal story of when I realised I had healed my relationship with my Dad (he was a severe alcoholic), and the other is why it is that your body is an amazing tool, working together with Spirit to help you heal and awaken.

Snippets from Say YES to Miracles featured on the podcast

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connect with your inner guide

Would you like to connect with a divine higher wisdom that knows how to guide you to a life where you are happy, peaceful and living in alignment with your soul’s truth?

Then this episode is for you, as I’m going to share how you can connect with a divine intelligence that holds our whole universe together, allowing you to step into flow, into synchronicity, into joy, peace, love and abundance. I’ll also take you through a guided healing meditation.

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your mind is a freakin’ lighthouse

Did you know that inside your mind exists a light, which you are meant to extend to others? And when you block this extension, by coming up with various excuses for why you can’t, then you create suffering.

This part of your mind is a freakin’ lighthouse, and when you listen to that critical inner voice, it’s like you are putting up shutters in all the windows in this lighthouse, blocking your inner light from shining freely. But the light is still there, and you are meant to let it shine!


how to hear the answers to your prayers

Have you ever wondered why it seems as if your prayers aren’t answered? As if all you receive back is silence, or just more confusion and doubt?

Well, then this short snippet from Say YES to Miracles may have the answer for you.

Extracts from the training not featured on the podcast


Snippets from Say YES to Miracles featured on the podcast

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Have you ever held yourself back?

Have you ever held yourself back, not daring to shine your light? Or perhaps you are longing to connect more fully with your inner light, but you just don’t know how?
Then this episode is for you, as I’ll share why it is that you stop yourself from shining your light, and how you can heal that, so you can be all that you are meant to be.


let your inner light shine

Did you know that within you there is a light so bright that it can light up even the darkest corner of our Universe? A light that is able to heal anything – be it a relationship problem, a health issue, or any other problem you are facing. This light knows the solution, and it also knows how to guide you in the right direction, so you can be all that you are meant to be.

In this episode I’ll be sharing with you how you can do that, plus take you on a guided meditation where you’ll be connecting with this light.

If you would like to learn how you can tune into the voice of Spirit, so you can choose love, instead of fear, then why not embark on this new training, so you can get to know this inner Presence of Love that knows how guide you back home to the truth of who you are?

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What others say about Say YES to Miracles

Cissi, I cannot thank you enough for tackling such a huge task as to make A Course in Miracles make sense in every-day life. You have such a beautiful and clear way of explaining it (especially the confusing bits), and your love for the message of ACIM is so clear and inspiring. It is your interpretation of the Course that keeps me motivated to continue reading and studying it. The explanation of the lessons was also so helpful, it was the first time I realised the logic behind them. Thank you!
— Debbie Price
I love it! I love the meditations, I love the blending of the wisdom from ACIM with the divine feminine and ancient wisdom traditions, I love the clarity of the teaching - but above all, I love how I’m now able to connect with Spirit in a way that feels so real, so tangible and so natural. I am now able to see the light in others, and in myself, and whenever I find myself judging someone, or beating myself up, I don’t stay in that state for too long. Instead I’m much more willing to choose peace, instead of feeling I have to be right (something my husband is very happy about).
— Lotta Haglund
It’s the first time I’ve ever understood the message in A Course in Miracles. You explain it in such a clear way that I immediately could put it into practice. I’ve already noticed myself being more peaceful.
— Irene Andersson
I love Cissi’s way of explaining how I can apply the principles from the Course in my own life, and in a language that I can relate to. I’ve felt drawn to the Course for a long time, but the language put me off, but thanks to Cissi’s interpretation of the Course I can actually understand it. I now love it, which is a miracle!
— Nicola Wilson

morning & evening Prayer

These prayers are based on principles from A Course in Miracles, weaved together with ancient wisdom traditions.

The morning prayer is a lovely way to start your day, making sure you let Spirit lead, and the evening prayer helps you to let go of the day that’s been, handing it all over to Spirit.

The doors to Say YES to Miracles open 27th September