The Magic is Within You

Did you know that there is a divine intelligence that is present in all of life – including in your body, your mind and your soul? It is this intelligence that causes the stars to shine and the sun to rise, that allows spring to arrive after a long winter – and that knows how to guide life forward so that life can express its highest divine potential in any given moment.

The magic is within you.jpg

Everything in life has this divine potential wired into it, so a sunflower seed has within it the divine potential to become a beautiful sunflower and a caterpillar to become a butterfly, and you have wired into you the potential to become the highest expression of yourself that you can possibly be.

You are meant to manifest and express all that you are! And you are meant to give birth to your soul’s longing and desires. Trust that the same magical ingredient that creates worlds also runs through your veins.

If you were to fully trust this Divine Intelligence to guide you forward, what steps would you take today to move closer to the manifestation of your dreams?

PS. Below is a Morning Meditation to help you connect with Spirit.