Are you a miracle worker?


Are you a miracle worker?

Every time you get triggered by someone else’s reaction, and you then surrender your own reactive thoughts to Spirit, you start to shift your fear-based perception into truth, so your love can reach even deeper into your consciousness. This transforms you. This heals you. And you then realise that every time you choose peace instead of conflict, you are brought closer and closer to Spirit, to the truth of what is, instead of your ego-mind’s perception of this insane world we live in.

The task of the miracle worker is to NOT believe in the illusion, and to remember that the wounded can heal themselves, because the truth is in them. They just cannot see it because there is a fog that obscures it. But the light in them continues to shine underneath that fog, so your task as a miracle worker is to move past the fog – by realising the fog isn’t real, that it is just an illusion - and by not believing in the fog you give it no power - and then you can swiftly move past it, to the light that is in the other person. 

You do this by first connecting with your own inner light, so your light keeps on shining, guiding you on your journey, and this helps the other person connect with their inner light too, because your light and their light is the same light, since both come from the same Divine Source.

Every time you remember the truth in another, that they have this amazing light shining within them, you are a miracle worker.