Held by an angel

Mamma 19 år.jpg

Today we said goodbye to our wonderful mum and grandmother. The chapel was situated deep in the forest, surrounded by huge pine trees, with a soft wind blowing through the treetops. And even though my heart felt as if it would break into a thousand pieces, it felt as if a loving presence held us in her arms all throughout the ceremony – as if mum was still there, but now as an angel.

Mum had finally found peace. Lately she had been struggling, but fortunately we could be there, helping her and comforting her. Both I and my sister were by her side as she took her last breath, and even if it was incredibly sad, it was still so beautiful, so filled with love. As if we could give back to her a tiny bit of all the love she had given us throughout our lives.

I feel the loss so completely, so totally, but every time I look at my sister, or my children, or my sister’s children, it is as if I can see a little bit of mum in them. She is always here with us, just no longer in a physical body.

Love you mum, all the way to the moon and back.

For all eternity.