How are you using time?



Have you ever had the experience of wasting time? As if time is slipping through your fingers? Or perhaps you feel that there never is enough time, so you end up feeling stressed and overwhelmed? How would it be if there was a way for you to step into timelessness, so your life can be filled with miracles instead of tension?

The good news is that there IS a way for you to step into timelessness, and in so doing step into a miraculous universe where anything is possible.

Albert Einstein stated that the dividing line between past, present and future is an illusion. So if time is an illusion, what then is the purpose of it?

According to A Course in Miracles, the purpose of time is to help us learn how to use our experiences constructively by noticing the differences in how we use our time. How does it feel when we waste time? Or when we engage in negative thinking, or focus on how others have wronged us? And how does it feel when we instead use our time to heal our inner wounds, focus on the love that is always available to us and choose to be all that we are meant to be? This is how we can use time to help us expand instead of letting it crush us. How would it be if we were to fill our days with miracles, instead of with tension?

The key to step into timelessness, so you can fill your life with miracles, is to connect with the awareness within, with the eternal YOU – with the you that existed before you came into this physical body, with the you that is as ancient as the mountains, as free as the wind and as light as the sun. The YOU that is as wise as the beginning of time, because that YOU exists outside of time. 
And as you step into that timelessness, you step into the realm of Spirit where everything you ever wanted already exists.