Journey to connect with your soul's wisdom

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I’m in awe with the wisdom that lives inside each and every one of us. A wisdom that knows how to guide us from fear to love, from wounded to healed, from feeling stuck to suddenly being able to fly free, trusting that Spirit will guide us to our Highest Path.

I love witnessing the incredible transformation that takes place when we make this inner journey of healing, transforming our old wounds into sources of deep wisdom, a wisdom we later can share with others. Healing isn’t something you just do for yourself, it’s also something you do so you can be of service to others – to your loved ones and to your community. Because the more love you have within, the more love you’ll share with the world, and it’s this love that is the medicine that can transform the darkness into light, fear into love, being stuck to suddenly being able to fly.

This group of beautiful Soul Sisters all held each other in sacred space as they dived into the loving wisdom found in ancient energy medicine, mysticism and shamanic healing, so that they afterwards could emerge with a deeper connection with Source, with Spirit and with their Souls.

Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury

Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury

Some of them have now finished their 500-hour training with me, to become Master Trainers of Energy Medicine, Mysticism and Shamanic Healing, as well as Advanced Practitioners in Energy Medicine and Soul Coaches. They have journeyed with me to connect more deeply with the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, experienced their own mystical initiation in magical Glastonbury (where we stayed in Chalice Well Gardens, the Heart Chakra of the world, and went on a spiritual quest up the Tor), being held in a loving embrace by the Black Madonna, learnt how to work with their Spirit Team and trust their connection with Source. They have also participated in amazing Spirit-led trainings, both in Charney Manor in Oxfordshire and in live Group Calls online where they have learnt how to do Soul Retrievals, Destiny Retrievals, Shamanic Healing, Extractions, Healing NLP Linguistics, Higher-Self Healing, Parts Integration, Tracking of Energies (both within the body, into the past and into the future), and much, much more. But above all, they have learnt how to trust Spirit to guide them, instead of the ego-mind.

They are all amazing practitioners and Master Trainers, and I can warmly recommend seeing them for coaching and healing sessions. So if you’d like to connect more deeply with your soul’s wisdom – a wisdom that knows how to guide you to your Highest Path - then trust that they can support you in your healing journey.


Charney Manor, Oxfordshire