Only love is real

only love is real.jpg


Only love is real and everything else is an illusion, but we make that illusion appear real when we believe in it. And we believe in it, every time we choose fear, every time we listen to that frantic, stressed, vicious voice inside, and the more we listen to that voice the more we’ll find proof for why it’s right, causing us to become more and more trapped in this illusion of fear. 
But there is a way to be free from fear, and instead connect with the truth that lives inside your soul – and that is to choose love. But in order to make that journey from fear to love, from darkness to light, from inner turmoil to peace – you have to be willing to ask Spirit for help. You have to be willing to be shown a new way of thinking. You have to be willing to choose peace and happiness, instead of fear and conflict.

And the moment you are willing, and you say to Spirit “Let me choose peace instead of this”, Spirit immediately steps in and starts guiding you in how you can shift your thinking.