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This retreat is dedicated to healing our deep inner wounds of the divine feminine and heal how we hold the divine masculine within us, so they can be in balance and work together – where the divine feminine is free to connect with magic, creativity, dreams and infinite potential, and the divine masculine is able to bring her dreams and ideas out into the world – with actions that are Spirit led, instead of ‘mind-led’.

The retreat is set in magical Avalon, the Heart Chakra of the world, so you’ll be making a spiritual quest up the Tor, and be taken through various meditations and journeys to meet the Divine Feminine. You will also learn how to journey into the invisible world of Spirit.

We will do a Cacao Ceremony together, whilst being held in the spiritual mystical energy that exists on the island of Avalon.

We will also visit the Inner Circle at Stonehenge, on the morning of 8th December, so we can sit and meditate in this very special place.

Since the retreat takes place in December, the Christ Energy will be stronger and this energy is already incredibly strong in Glastonbury, so we will dive even deeper into our mystical heart, connecting with this healing divine wisdom that helps us choose love instead of fear, compassion instead of judgement, and forgiveness instead of guilt.

This retreat uses a mixture of spiritual wisdom from A Course in Miracles, mysticism and ancient wisdom traditions.

  • When: 6-8th Dec, 2019 (11am on the Friday until 4pm on the Sunday).

  • Where: Chalice Well Gardens, Glastonbury, England.

  • Price: £475 (which includes a ticket to the Inner Circle at Stonehenge).

  • Limited number of delegates, as Cissi prefers to teach in a small group setting, allowing each individual to get personal attention and support. The group becomes like a sacred circle, holding the energy for each and every participant to dive deeply into their own healing. There are only 3 places left.

  • Food and accommodation is not included in the price (but we tend to go out and eat together in the evening at a lovely vegan restaurant, where the buffet is only £5 per person, or £10 if you want a very large plate). All rooms at Chalice Well Lodge House have now been booked, but there are many nearby guesthouses you can stay in.

The actual course takes place in the conference room at Chalice Well Gardens. We have free access to the garden, also outside of opening hours, allowing us to have deep mystical experiences, as the veil between this world and the world of Spirit is very thin in the actual Chalice Well Gardens, and up the Tor, which is just a few minutes walk away).

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