Soul Retrieval & Transformational Coaching

  • Do you feel as if something is blocking you from moving forward?

  • Or you know what you want to manifest, but somehow it just never materialises?

  • Perhaps you are experiencing fatigue, feelings of emptiness, recurring negative thoughts or difficult relationships?

  • Maybe you feel as if you’ve lost a part of yourself, as if something is missing, but you don’t know what?

  • Or are you longing to connect more deeply with your inner wisdom, with your Soul so you can let your soul’s wisdom guide you to how you can best share your light with the world?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a Soul Retrieval & Coaching Session may be for you.


What is a Soul Retrieval & Coaching Session?

Soul Retrieval is a technique used in energy medicine. This type of holistic medicine views you as being composed of body, mind, soul and spirit, and having an energy-field that surrounds your physical body, which can inform you about how you live, the wounds you carry and how you can heal. These wounds can be from traumatic experiences in your past, they can be inherited from your ancestors, or they can be carried forward from your previous incarnations. When a wound occurs, it is as if you disconnect from your soul’s light, causing you to feel as if you have lost a part of yourself (a soul part). You then try to navigate through life with a part of you missing. A Soul Retrieval helps retrieve this missing ‘soul part’ so you can connect with your soul’s light, gifts and divine wisdom again. Your soul is of course not missing, as your soul is always kept whole in the mind of God, but you can disconnect from your soul’s light, and this session helps you re-connect again, so you can come home to the truth of who you are.

Transformational Coaching enables you to become aware of the thought patterns that has kept you stuck in fear so you can choose to change them. This type of coaching is like shining a spot-light in your mind, helping you to find more clarity, so you can shift your perception from fear to love, from negativity to positivity, from doubt to trust and from feeling stuck to instead embracing all the possibilities that are always present.

Transformational Coaching uses NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), Higher-Self Healing (which connects you with your higher consciousness), energy medicine and esoteric wisdom to help you strengthen your relationship with your inner wisdom - a wisdom that knows how to heal anything in your life.

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What happens in a session?

Cissi will start by asking you various questions, using transformational coaching to help you see more clearly where you are stuck and the options you have for moving forward. She’ll also find where fear has trapped you in a limited perception of yourself, others and life (she does this both by asking you various questions, and sometimes also by scanning you energetically). All of this helps you gain more clarity.

She will then release this, by taking you through various processes that help you to discover the positive learnings and insights that can shift your thinking from fear to love. She’ll use energy medicine techniques, such as Soul Retrieval to help connect you more fully with your soul’s light and gifts. A session may also include healing to balance your chakras and energy field, and you may also receive a power animal from the invisible world of Spirit. Some sessions include a Destiny Retrieval, where you become aware of the highest choices available to you - it all depends on what is needed in order to help you the most, and this will become apparent to Cissi during the session.

Every session is unique, as they are totally Spirit-led.


What is energy medicine?

Energy medicine believes that at the core of each human being exists a spiritual being and that for healing to occur it is important to acknowledge our spiritual nature and how we are here to learn and grow from all the experiences life brings us. When we find the learnings we are able to transform the pain from the past into healing medicine gifts, which we can carry with us as pearls of wisdom into the future.

Below is a guided meditation that takes you through a modified version of a Soul Retrieval. Of course, if you work with Cissi, she will journey for you, guiding you to connect with your Soul’s light and gifts.


My mum has continued to deteriorate physically and mentally in the last 2 months. But as a result of doing ‘wacky stuff’ with Cissi in a soul retrieval & coaching session, I was able to release an emotional block I had in my relationship with my mum. I had trouble with anger and resentment and couldn’t physically touch her often. Things changed dramatically. I have been able to operate from a place of peace, love and compassion. I can now go to see her, sit with her, and use oils in massage to calm and help her. This transformation has really been a blessing after the years of therapy and spiritual practice I used to put this right. It means I can spend the last part of her life journey in a loving place. So I highly recommend doing some ‘wacky stuff’ with Cissi as she works with you with spirit and love.
— Janis Bissett
I want to thank you for such wonderful guidance. I was met with respect and honesty, combined with an abundance of happiness and warmth. Even though I didn’t know what to expect from the session, I felt completely safe. The Soul Retrieval session was completely magical. I have created the sacred ’altar’ you suggested, so that when I look at it every day I am reminded…. Thank you!
— Heléne Sandström
Cissi is an exceptionally rare soul coach. Prepare for deep and lasting shifts
— Monika Nybom
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Would you like to book a session?

Then contact Cissi today via email. She usually has a waiting list of 4-6 weeks.

All sessions are by phone or Skype (Cissi will phone you) and all you need is a headset so you can relax and listen to her taking you through the process. And yes, it is just as effective having a session done by phone or Skype, as seeing Cissi in person. Most clients actually prefer it, as it is ‘cleaner’ and more focused, since there are less distractions.

Your investment in gaining more clarity and connecting with your soul’s wisdom, positive resources and light:

  • The initial session is £225 (up to 2 hours).

  • Follow-up sessions are £165 (up to 1.5hrs)

  • Spiritual Mentoring Programme (if you want to make a bigger commitment and invest 3 or 6 months to connect more with your soul). For more information click here.

To contact Cissi regarding a session, click here.