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Soul Tribe is an instant resource for when you want to connect more fully with Spirit, helping you to strengthen your spiritual muscle, so you can make that shift from fear to love and from doubt to trust. You’ll find morning meditations to help set the tone for the day and short mystical prayers for when you haven’t got much time. And when you want to go deeper in your spiritual journey, you have a choice of several healing mystical meditation journeys that can help you heal your past, let go of karma, heal the divine feminine and the divine masculine, transform your shadows, heal your ancestral patterns, connect more firmly with Spirit, and receive new visions and dreams from Source.

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Every Full Moon there are new guided meditations up on Soul Tribe, and every New Moon, there is a new inspirational spiritual lecture, the latest being the Say YES to Miracles series, which is based on the principles from A Course in Miracles.

You also find an archive of more than 35 guided healing meditations and 50 audio interviews with the world’s leading spiritual teachers (Marianne Williamson, Neale Donald Walsch, Gregg Braden, Denise Linn, Tosha Silver, Barbara Marx Hubbard and many others).

All of this helps to strengthen your connection with the Divine so you can let Spirit lead you to a life filled with love, joy, fulfilment, abundance and miracles.

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Here is a sample of some of the Full Moon Meditations that are up on Soul Tribe.

Journey to source new visions from the Goddess, plus a deeply healing journey to meet your Soul and the Black Madonna.

Soul Tribe is like a treasure chest filled with magical meditations, prayers and inspiring interviews. All the inspiration, knowledge and deep wisdom that is shared on Soul Tribe helps me heal shadows and to stay connected to my Soul, to the light in the Universe and to be open to miracles in my everyday life.
— Lina Lanestrand
I was going through a rough patch when I joined, and the meditations, talks and interviews helped me enormously. I can now see myself in a positive light and find peace in my life. There’s so much on Soul Tribe! It is the best (and cheapest) community you’ll ever join and you’ll get so much from it, to help you on your journey through life.
— Mairead Kenny
Soul Tribe is a vibrant and colourful community full of interesting talks, meditations and interviews all designed to help inspire growth in our lives. I’ve gained useful insights & clarity through the engaging guided meditations, particularly those associated with surrender, and connecting with the Divine Feminine. A wonderful, growing repository of knowledge, and I look forward to more!”
— Cerys Williams
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Say YES to Miracles - new lecture featured on Soul Tribe every New Moon

Say YES to Miracles is based on the principles from A Course in Miracles, weaved together with ancient wisdom traditions embracing the Divine Feminine.

A Course in Miracles is like a spiritual psychology training for your mind, so your mind becomes a servant to your divine self, allowing you to perceive through your spiritual eyes, rather than through your physical eyes, so you can see what is good and right and beautiful, instead of focusing on what is wrong and bad and difficult.

Say YES to Miracles also embraces the divine feminine, and aspects of energy medicine, which are feminine-based wisdom traditions, so it blends the masculine and the feminine, the earthly and the heavenly, as this blending helps you to align your body, mind, soul and spirit.

You can listen to three short snippets from Say YES to Miracles below

Say YES to Miracles will cover the whole text book and work book in the Course, so if you’ve longed to understand the Course more deeply, in a clear and easy-to-understand way, so you can absorb the wisdom held in the Course, and start practising it straight away in your own life – but without feeling overwhelmed - then feel free to join this lecture series with Cissi.

As you move through the material in the Course you'll connect with a Higher Power that literally will transform your life, so you can Say YES to Miracles, as this Higher Power knows how to guide you to the path you are meant to take.

Cissi, I cannot thank you enough for tackling such a huge task as to make A Course in Miracles make sense in every-day life. You have such a beautiful and clear way of explaining it (especially the confusing bits), and your love for the message of ACIM is so clear and inspiring. It is your interpretation of the Course that keeps me motivated to continue reading and studying it. The explanation of the lessons was also so helpful, it was the first time I realised the logic behind them. Thank you!
— Debbie Price
It’s the first time I’ve ever understood the message in A Course in Miracles. You explain it in such a clear way that I immediately could put it into practice. I’ve already noticed myself being more peaceful.
— Irene Andersson
I love Cissi’s way of explaining how I can apply the principles from the Course in my own life, and in a language that I can relate to. I’ve felt drawn to the Course for a long time, but the language put me off, but thanks to Cissi’s interpretation of the Course I can actually understand it. I now love it, which is a miracle!
— Nicola Wilson

If you would like to learn how you can tune into the voice of Spirit, so you can choose love, instead of fear, then why not join Soul Tribe and get to know this inner Presence of Love that knows how guide you back home to the truth of who you are?


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