Spiritual mentoring programme

  • Do you want to let go of unwanted behaviours and liming beliefs that you know are holding you back?

  • Perhaps you are aware that you keep repeating a negative pattern in your life, but you seem unable to shift it?

  • Or maybe you are going through a difficult time that you feel is a wake-up call from your soul, inviting you to go deeper on your healing journey?

  • And you want someone there to assist you, to keep you on track, so you can transform more fully and rapidly?

If you answered yes, then let Cissi be your spiritual mentor, assisting you on your spiritual journey where she’ll guide you to how you can choose love instead of fear, and trust instead of doubt, so you can let Spirit lead you to your Highest Path. Spirit’s vision for your life is so much more than your mind’s plan for your life, so when you remove that which holds you back and instead trust Spirit to guide you, then you can move into a future that is filled with joy and happiness. When you let Spirit lead, helping you to choose love instead of fear, you are able to heal any problem area of your life - relationships, health, money or your career. It is as if you are finally plugged in to the compass that will lead you to the manifestation of your dreams.


The spiritual mentoring programme consists of:

  • One Soul Retrieval & Transformational Coaching Session with Cissi per month. These are intense sessions that will help you to release various fears and limiting beliefs that may be blocking you from moving forward on to your Highest Path. You can work on any area of your life, such as your relationships, your wellbeing, your business or your sense of purpose, and Cissi will help you find more clarity, and guide you to how you can let go of that which has kept you stuck in fear, so you instead can choose to create a life filled with happiness, love and expansion. Because you have monthly sessions you’ll go deeper and deeper, releasing old layers of fears, enabling you to connect with the divine light that exists within you - a light that knows how to guide you forward.

  • Monthly Q & A Group Calls where Cissi answers your questions (you’ll send in your questions beforehand. Your anonymity is guaranteed so you can safely ask any questions you have).

Bonus Gifts

  • Guided Meditations that Cissi feels would best support you in your journey (you will receive these as MP3 files).

  • Tune Into Your Soul Programme - a 6 week programme that helps you connect more with your Soul’s guidance.

  • Free 90 Day Subscription to Soul Tribe.

  • Maximum 12 delegates per month so you can be sure to receive individual attention from Cissi.

The 3-month Programme

This programme is ideal for a quick, but in-depth, transformation.

3 monthly Soul Retrieval & Coaching sessions with Cissi and 3 monthly Q & A Group Calls, plus bonus gifts.

Your investment: £550 (Normal price £750 if you book it separately). Or £190 p.c.m.

The 6-month Programme

This programme is perfect for that extra ‘push’ to keep you on track over a longer time period, supporting you in your transformation and helping you to make lasting changes.

6 monthly Soul Retrieval & Coaching sessions with Cissi and 6 monthly Q & A Group Calls, plus bonus gifts.

Your investment: £995 (normal price is £1275). Or £175 p.c.m

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This journey has challenged and amazed me with regard to our innate human potential. Cissi guides us with an abundance of wisdom, strength, love and light back to ourselves.
— Dr Rosa Chillari, Psychologist & Psychotherapist
I’d been searching for a long time, searching on the outside, searching on the inside … trying to find something that I was longing for, but didn’t know how to find. The courses, coaching sessions and meditations with Cissi have been a wonderful help for me to reach my soul, to reach my inner truth and in finding the connection that has helped me heal for real. Now I know that I was looking for me – my soul and the inner connection – and it’s a totally different experience to live from this view, than from the searcher’s perspective. It’s more peaceful, but still a journey. I’m braver, I follow my heart even when I’m afraid. I can hear the messages from my soul and it makes all the difference. Now I’m at home with myself.
— Lina Lanestrand, Master Trainer in Energy Medicine, Mysticism and Shamanic Healing

You can contact Cissi to enquire about booking a session by clicking here.

If you want to try a Soul Retrieval & Coaching session first, then you’ll find more information here.

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