Soak up inspiration from amazing spiritual teachers, plus listen to several guided healing meditations

This Summit is now over. The interviews and meditations will be put up on Soul Tribe.

Thank you for tuning in and I wish you all an amazing 2019!


Denise Linn

Denise Linn guides you to tap into your inner wise woman, an ancient source of wisdom that lives within you.

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Lisa Natoli

Lisa shares how you can step into the magic of Christmas so you can let the ‘Christmas Consciousness’ be what guides you forward.

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John Holland

John shares how you can still communicate with your loved ones even after they have crossed over.

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HeatherAsh Amara

HeatherAsh inspires you to ignite your inner fire and connect with your inner Warrior Goddess. She also takes you through a guided meditation to release the year that’s been and invite the year that is coming.

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Sandra Taylor CMYK copy.jpg

Sandra Anne Taylor

Sandra explains the Akashic Records and takes you on a journey to heal a past life.

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Let Cissi Williams guide you on a journey to meet your inner Mystic, Healer and Shaman.


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