If you are a practitioner, therapist, coach, healer, lightworker, writer or teacher, or you just feel called to be of service, but you feel something is holding you back, then this may be for you.

The Divine Plan for your life is so much more than your mind’s plan for your life. Spirit knows your Highest Path. You just have to trust it.

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Let Spirit Lead In Your Business will help you share your message and gifts with ease and joy, whilst receiving the abundance that is rightfully yours. It combines wisdom from mysticism, spiritual truths, energy medicine and shamanic healing to help you connect with your Soul’s light and with the Divine Source.

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The training will help you to let go of limiting beliefs, karma and inherited ancestral patterns that may have blocked your ability to receive abundance, joy, happiness, expansion and fulfilment. It will also take you through guided meditations and healing processes that help you to release any underlying fears you may have about being seen, stepping up, sharing your voice and being of service. It will show you how you can let Spirit lead in your business - and not the ego-mind.

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On this training you’ll also connect with the Divine Feminine, as it is only through the Goddess any of your manifestations can come into fruition. You’ll also discover how you can let your inner feminine and inner masculine be in balance, so you can receive inspiration from the Divine Source (feminine), and then take the action needed to bring these manifestations out into the world (masculine).

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Once you’ve connected with Spirit, so you now receive visions and inspirations from Spirit, the training will then go through how to bring Spirit’s visions and ideas into your business - so it will explain how you can find your authentic voice, find clarity in your business, discover the unique gifts you are here to share and how you are meant to be of service, start connecting with your Soul Tribe, build your email list, learn a unique and holistic way of uncovering what to include on your website, so your website becomes a source of inspiration and wellbeing for your community, rather than just a big version of a business card, create guided meditations and online courses, write features for magazines and much, much more.

The key, however, is to FIRST connect with Spirit, and THEN take the action needed.

By doing this you make sure you are of service to Spirit, and not just serving the ego-mind’s agenda. And when you serve Spirit, everything you need will be provided for you, as Spirit is invested in you taking your place in the massive shift in consciousness that is happening right now.

Are you ready and willing to let Spirit lead?

Then why not join me on this journey?