Are you ready to start your journey to let Spirit lead?

Then there are many different options available for you, from spiritual mentoring, private coaching sessions, the free podcast Let Spirit Lead, online courses, retreats and in-depth professional trainings to membership to Soul Tribe, where you gain access to guided healing meditations and prayers, inspirational spiritual talks and guided healing mystical meditation journeys.

All of them have the same intention - to help you connect with your Soul, so you can let Spirit lead you to your Highest Path, where you are sharing your light and gifts with the world, living a life filled with joy, happiness, love and abundance.


Spiritual Mentoring

Do you want to let go of unwanted behaviours and liming beliefs that you know are holding you back?

Perhaps you are going through a difficult time that you feel is a wake-up call from your soul, inviting you to go deeper on your healing journey?

Or you just want to deepen your connection with Spirit, so you can let Spirit lead you on to your Highest Path?

Then the Spiritual Mentoring Programme may be for you.


Coaching & Soul Retrieval

Do you feel as if you’ve lost a part of yourself, as if something is missing, but you don’t know what?

Are you longing to connect more deeply with your Soul so your Soul can guide you to how you best can share your light?

Then a Coaching & Soul Retrieval Session may be for you.

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How would it be if you were able to connect with Spirit - an Infinite Intelligence that knows how to guide you to a life where you are able to express all that you are, sharing your love, light and unique soul essence with the world?

It would be great, wouldn’t it, and the amazing thing is, that this is not only possible, but it is actually what you were born to do. And in this new podcast Let Spirit Lead we will explore how.


join soul tribe

Soul Tribe is an instant resource for when you want to connect more strongly with Spirit, helping you to strengthen your spiritual muscle, so you can make that shift from fear to love and from doubt to trust. You’ll find morning meditations to help set the tone for the day and short mystical prayers for when you haven’t got much time. And when you want to go deeper in your spiritual journey, you have a choice of several healing mystical journeys.

Everyone can try Soul Tribe for FREE.


Mystical glastonbury

This women’s only retreat is set in Avalon, the Heart Chakra of the world, in December when the Christ Energy is extra strong, so you can dive deeply into your mystical heart. We also make a visit to the Inner Circle at Stonehenge.


Train in energy medicine, mysticism and shamanic healing

Would you like to learn how to do Soul Retrievals, shamanic healing, transformational coaching, journeying into the invisible world of Spirit, retrieve your highest destiny and be able to perceive different levels of reality?

Then our energy medicine training may be for you.


Let spirit lead in business

Are you a practitioner, therapist, coach, healer, lightworker, writer or teacher, or you just feel called to be of service, but you feel something is holding you back?

Then the online training Let Spirit Lead In Business may be for you.


Become your own mystic, healer & shaman

Are you longing to embark on a healing journey that deepens your mystical connection with Spirit, whilst developing your own energy medicine and spiritual wisdom?

Then the online training Become Your Own Mystic, Healer and Shaman may be for you.

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