Anything is possible when you let Spirit lead - from miraculous healing to the manifestation of your wildest dreams!

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are you Ready to let spirit lead you to your dreams?

You are able to do anything when you let Spirit lead – from miraculous healing to living your dream life.

This is because Spirit knows how to guide you to live a life where you experience happiness, love and expansion. Spirit knows you are here for a reason, and that you are meant to share your love, light and unique gifts with the world.

Spirit knows how to guide you to this amazing life!

But before Spirit can do that, there is one thing you have to do first.

You have to learn to choose love and trust, instead of fear and doubt.


choose love instead of fear

The main obstacle you’ll ever face is your fear – fear that you aren’t good enough, healthy enough, clever enough, old enough, young enough, resourceful enough, wealthy enough. Fear about what other people will think, or fear that you’ll fail. Fear is the ONLY thing that blocks you from sharing your gifts, being of service, walking your Highest Path and manifesting the dreams and visions Spirit has planned for you to manifest.

Fear stops you from experiencing joy, happiness and love in your relationships, in your work and in your life - and fear blocks you from hearing, feeling, seeing and knowing Spirit’s guidance.

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Are you ready to let go of fear?

And start your journey into creating an amazing life?


If so, then let spirit be your guide

Spirit will help you make that shift in perception from fear to love, from doubt to trust, from feeling blocked to feeling excited about sharing your gifts with the world.

Doing this will help you discover your inner compass that guides you to all the abundance, inspiration and happiness the Universe has in store for you.


create your dream life

To create your dream life requires one ingredient only - your willingness to do the inner work needed, so you can shift your thinking and in this way let Spirit guide you to a life filled with joy, fulfilment and purpose.

The Universe is not interested in you playing small, the Universe is interested in you becoming all that you are meant to be, because the Universe expands through you.

If you are ready to take action, step into the light and say YES to choosing love, then I welcome you on board this journey.

Mystical prayer to let spirit lead


This journey has challenged and amazed me with regard to our innate human potential. Cissi guides us with an abundance of wisdom, strength, love and light back to ourselves.
— Dr Rosa Chillari, Psychologist & Psychotherapist
My life and spiritual journey have been completely transformed by this training. Having been on the spiritual path my entire life I have completed MANY courses and trainings both formally in an academic forum and as part of my personal development. This training has allowed me to access healing at a much deeper level, clear stagnant energy from my body and start to take action within my life and relationships to live in alignment with truth and love. The impact has been amazing. My relationship with my Soul is now deeply nourishing and as I develop my capacity to connect directly with Spirit and the Divine I am starting to thrive and finally be of service to humanity at the level and capacity I was destined to do.
— Kay Turner, retreat facilitator, wellbeing coach, theologican and teacher
I’d been searching for a long time, searching on the outside, searching on the inside … trying to find something that I was longing for, but didn’t know how to find. The courses, coaching sessions and meditations with Cissi have been a wonderful help for me to reach my soul, to reach my inner truth and in finding the connection that has helped me heal for real. Now I know that I was looking for me – my soul and the inner connection – and it’s a totally different experience to live from this view, than from the searcher’s perspective. It’s more peaceful, but still a journey. I’m braver, I follow my heart even when I’m afraid. I can hear the messages from my soul and it makes all the difference. Now I’m at home with myself.
— Lina Lanestrand, Master Trainer in Energy Medicine, Mysticism and Shamanic Healing
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Cissi is a Soul Coach, Osteopath, Naturopath, NLP Trainer and Teacher of Energy Medicine, Mysticism & Shamanic Healing. She has been a student of A Course in Miracles since 1992, written several books on health and healing and has worked with thousands of patients, clients and students for over two decades. She is the founder of the magazines Inspired Wellbeing (UK) and Inspire (Sweden), and the creator of Soul Tribe, an online community, where you’ll find nourishment for your soul.

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