Let Spirit Lead with Cissi Williams

How would it be if you were able to connect with Spirit - an Infinite Intelligence that knows how to guide you to a life where you are able to express all that you are, sharing your love, light and unique soul essence with the world?

It would be great, wouldn’t it, and the amazing thing is, that this is not only possible, but it is actually what you were born to do. And in this new podcast Let Spirit Lead we will explore how.

In each episode I’ll cover various spiritual topics that can help you to tune into the voice of Spirit, so you can let Spirit guide you to your most miraculous life. And the process in how you can Let Spirit lead is actually really simple – and I’ll be sharing practical tools for how you can do this.

Each episode will contain a guided meditation, helping you to connect with Spirit, and alongside each episode you’ll also meet some of the world’s leading spiritual teachers, such Tosha Silver, Neale Donald Walsch, Gregg Braden, Alan Cohen, Colette Baron-Reid, Lisa Natoli and many others.

Join me on this journey to Let Spirit Lead, by listening this free podcast.

You can listen below, or if you want to be able to download each episode, then why not listen in iTunes, which you can do here.

Here is a snippet from the latest interview with Tosha Silver

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For more inspiration for how to Let Spirit Lead, why not join Soul Tribe?

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Soul Tribe is an instant resource for when you want to connect more fully with Spirit, helping you to strengthen your spiritual muscle, so you can make that shift from fear to love and from doubt to trust. You’ll find morning meditations to help set the tone for the day and short mystical prayers for when you haven’t got much time. And when you want to go deeper in your spiritual journey, you have a choice of several healing mystical journeys that help you heal your past, let go of karma, heal the divine feminine and the divine masculine, transform your shadows, heal your ancestral patterns, connect more firmly with the Divine, or receive new visions and dreams from Source.

I’ll put up new guided meditations every full moon and a new inspirational spiritual talk every new moon, and you’ll find more than 50 audio interviews with the world’s leading spiritual teachers.

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All of this helps to strengthen your connection with the Divine so you can let Spirit lead you to a life filled with love, joy, fulfilment, magic and miracles.

Here is a sample of some of the meditation that are up on Soul Tribe.