How would it be if you were able to connect with Spirit - an Infinite Intelligence that knows how to guide you to a life where you are able to express all that you are, sharing your love, light and unique soul essence with the world?

It would be great, wouldn’t it, and the amazing thing is, that this is not only possible, but it is actually what you were born to do. And in this new podcast Let Spirit Lead we will explore how.

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how to let spirit lead

In this episode I’ll share how you can let Spirit lead, so you can be guided to a life filled with happiness, love, expansion and fulfilment.

I’ll initially share from my own personal journey how my life has transformed by learning how to tune into Spirit, and also what happened when I really didn’t want to listen to Spirit’s guidance. I’ll then take you through a process which you can apply straight away in your own life, so you can let Spirit lead you to your highest path.


Bruce Lipton

Meet stem cell biologist Bruce Lipton, who is an internationally recognised leader in bridging science and spirit. Bruce explains how we are now facing the 6th mass extinction our world has ever experienced, caused by human behaviour, which is why we all must come together and change - our deep inner programming - so we can create a better future – both for ourselves and the world.

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How to know if you are making the right decision

Have you ever felt anguish over making the wrong decision? And then to try and calm your fears, you weigh up the pros and cons trying to work out the best path forward?

Here I share how you can make sure that your decision is always the right one.



visit your soul’s temple

Receive a free guided meditation where you visit your Soul’s Temple and connect with your inner guide, so you can receive answers and guidance.


the lost mode of prayer

Imagine if you could learn to communicate with the universe? As if you could have a direct line, straight to Spirit?
This is what Gregg Braden found when he discovered a forgotten form of prayer that was lost to the West following the Biblical edits of the early Christian Church. In this interview he explains how you can tap into this lost mode of prayer, and in this way connect with an incredibly powerful force in the universe.


how to hear The answers to your prayers

Have you ever wondered why it seems as if your prayers aren’t answered? As if all you receive back is silence, or just more confusion and doubt?

Well, then this short snippet from my lecture series Say YES to Miracles may have the answer for you.


have you ever held yourself back?

Have you ever held yourself back, not daring to shine your light? Or perhaps you are longing to connect more fully with your inner light, but you just don’t know how? Then this episode is for you, as I’ll share why it is that you stop yourself from shining your light, and how you can heal that, so you can be all that you are meant to be.


the essential path

Do you feel we are at a cross-road in our human history right now? And that we have to decide who we are and what our relationship is with each other, with all other living beings and with the planet?

If so, then you are not alone in feeling this way. In Neale Donald Walsch’s latest book The Essential Path, he offers us a radical solution to the problems facing humanity right now.


how can you know if it’s spirit’s voice speaking with you and not the ego’s voice?

That’s the question Cissi Williams will be answering in this episode, and she’ll also be sharing with you why it is that you only need 3 seconds in order to make sure you let Spirit lead, and not your frantic, stressed ego-mind.


Your mind is a freakin’ lighthouse!

Did you know that inside your mind exists a light, which you are meant to extend to others? And when you block this extension, by coming up with various excuses for why you can’t, then you create suffering.

This part of your mind is a freakin’ lighthouse, and when you listen to that critical inner voice, it’s like you are putting up shutters in all the windows in this lighthouse, blocking your inner light from shining freely. But the light is still there, and you are meant to let it shine!


heal your shadows with the dark divine feminine

Would you like to discover how you can let go of all that which is holding you back, so you instead can move with more ease and grace into a future?

Then listen to this talk with Cissi, where she shares how to heal your shadows by letting the Dark Divine Feminine help you. She also takes you on a guided healing journey where you meet Kali, Hecate, Isis, Hel and the Black Madonna.


It’s not your money

Are you longing to experience true abundance in your life?

Then let Tosha Silver reveal why you need to stop chasing abundance in order to truly be abundant.

Tosha has written the books Outrageous Openness and Change Me Prayers, and in this interview we will talk about her latest book It’s Not Your Money


connect with your inner guide

Would you like to connect with a divine higher wisdom that knows how to guide you to a life where you are happy, peaceful and living in alignment with your soul’s truth?

Then this episode is for you, as I’m going to share how you can connect with a divine intelligence that holds our whole universe together, allowing you to step into flow, into synchronicity, into joy, peace, love and abundance. I’ll also take you through a guided healing meditation.


Spirit means business

How would it be if you were able to totally trust that Source would always provide for you, even when your circumstances change?

Then this podcast with Alan Cohen is for you, as Alan will share how you can let Spirit guide you in your business, in your relationship with money and much more.


What’s your focus?

Do you have a dream which you’d love to manifest in your life? But you never quite succeed? Or maybe you are able to manifest it a tiny bit, but you just keep getting stuck?

In today’s episode I’ll share the one key ingredient that is guaranteed to help you get un-stuck so you can be free to manifest those visions and dreams Spirit has planned for you.


Inviting miracles

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to fill our lives with miracles, joy and abundance? Of course it would, but why is it then that so many of us feel our lives are lacking?
This is the question I’ll answer in this short episode, where I’ll explain the difference between following the ego’s guidance for manifesting, and following Spirit’s guidance.

So if you are ready to invite miracles into your life, then this episode is for you.


Fill your mind with clarity and create an amazing life

Would you like to be filled with clarity? And with a sense that you are always being guided to where you are meant to go and what you are meant to do?

If the answer is yes, then you this short episode is for you, as I here share the key ingredient for how you can fill your mind with so much clarity that you end up creating an amazingly happy life.

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Let your inner light shine

Did you know that within you there is a light so bright that it can light up even the darkest corner of our Universe? A light that is able to heal anything – be it a relationship problem, a health issue, or any other problem you are facing. This light knows the solution, and it also knows how to guide you in the right direction, so you can be all that you are meant to be.

In this episode I’ll be sharing with you how you can do that, plus take you on a guided meditation where you’ll be connecting with this light.


Communicate with the other side

Would you like to discover how you can communicate with your loved ones on the other side?
Well, that is what psychic medium John Holland will share with us in this interview. John is the author of several bestselling books, and his latest one ‘Bridging Two Realms: Learn to Communicate with Your Loved Ones on the Other-Side’ offers us an insight into the Spirit World.


mary magdalene revealed

Have you felt a longing to connect with the divine feminine?
Then you are going to love this interview with Harvard-trained theologian Meggan Watterson, who is one of the world’s leading authorities on the divine feminine. In her latest book Mary Magdalene Revealed she offers us the key to reclaiming the divine feminine aspect of Christianity.

Can you hear the calling_.jpg

open the door to love, miracles and abundance

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just open a door that leads in to a Universe filled with love, happiness, miracles and abundance?

And the good news is that you can!
In this short episode I'll go through how you can align your will with the will of the Universe, which allows you to open the door to all the love, joy and abundance that is waiting to flow into your experience.

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Heal Your self

How would it be if you could live a life where you are happy, healed and connected fully to Spirit? It would be amazing, wouldn't it?

And in this episode Lisa Natoli explains how you can do this when you connect with a Divine Presence within you. Lisa is a teacher of A Course in Miracles and she healed herself from an autoimmune disease, using the principles from the Course.


heal your past lives

Denise Linn explains why healing your past can free you to live fully in the now, and she also takes you on a healing past life journey.



heal with the cycles of the moon

Yasmin Boland reveals how you can transform your life with the moon phases, where you create your dream life with the new moon and work with the magic of the full moon. She also shares how the solstices and equinoxes can help you come into more harmony with the world around you.


the five side-effects of kindness

Did you know that kindness does not only make you happier, but it also slows down ageing and is good for your heart?

In this interview you’ll meet scientist David Hamilton, whose research into the mind–body connection has led him to write several books. Here he shares some amazing research that reveals to us how the Spirit of Kindness is so much bigger than any of us could ever have realised (especially the story about the young British soldier in the WW2 and how he was miraculously saved by an unexpected kindness).


you are a goddess

Have you felt the rising of the Goddess within you? Or perhaps you’ve noticed that something is happening on a global scale, where more and more women are tuning into the divine feminine, as if we are being called to wake up and be here to assist in the change that is taking place?

If so, then you are going to love this interview with Sophie Bashford, who’s written the bestselling book You Are a Goddess. In this interview she’ll share with you how you can work with the goddesses to help you awaken more fully.


your goddess power

Would you like to connect with the power of the Goddess ?

Then listen to Colette Baron-Reid sharing how her Goddess Power Oracle Cards came into being.

Colette is an oracle expert, and her oracle cards are based on ancient spiritual traditions, but created in a way that they appeal to also the modern spiritual seeker.


would you like to experience more health, happiness and vitality?

Then this episode with Cissi Williams is for you as it will be exploring the topic of health and happiness in body, mind and spirit. You'll discover how you have within you all the answers for how you can live a happy life – the key is to remove the noise that stops you from hearing this answer.

Cissi also takes you on two guided meditations with specific focus on increasing your health and vitality in your body.

Corinne Zupko 3.jpg

from anxiety to love

Corinne Zupko was diagnosed with her first anxiety disorder at a very young age and struggled with debilitating anxiety for nearly three decades. Determined not to let the anxiety run her life, she has since become an expert in undoing anxiety through living the principles from A Course in Miracles.


Heal your relationship with your body

Are you longing for a more loving relationship with your body? Where you allow yourself to feel peaceful, joyous and accepting of your body? Or perhaps you suffer with an illness or physical pain and you’d like to find out how you can help your body heal?

If so, then this short snippet may be helpful.


heal your relationships

Are you struggling with a particular relationship in your life? Maybe with a loved one, with your body or with money?

Whichever relationship you experience the most conflict with in your life, this episode with Cissi Williams is for you. She will help you discover if there are any imbalances in your relationships, and take you on a guided meditation journey so you can start to heal.


Morning and Evening prayer

Two short prayers - one to start your day being guided by Spirit and one to let go of the day that’s been.